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By |  Nov 19, 2012
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Does Christian Grey Have a Rival?

Fifty Shades of Grey has been the hottest thing on the market for some time now, but it looks like Mr. Grey has a rival on the scene.

A new trilogy “Crossfire” by Sylvia Day has kicked off the iconic Fifty Shades of Grey off its crowning position earlier this week. There is a new young hot billionaire on the scene, Gideon Cross, and he’s about to give Christian Grey a run for his money.

“Crossfire” charts the story between tormented and troubled socialite Eva Tramell who finds a steamy romance with Gideon Cross. The couple might come from dark pasts that try to split the couple of part, but Sylvia Day has made sure that their graphically depicted life doesn’t suffer in the crossfire.

Sylvia Day says the books’ timing is a coincidence with Fifty Shades of Grey, despite having a similar theme and cover.

“It was the right book at the right time,” says Day. Her first book in the trilogy was finished in December 2011, before the Fifty Shades books hit the big time in March 2012.

Sylvia Day is also no E.L. James, since she comes from a different background to the bestselling British author. She used to work as a Russian linguist in the U.S. Army, and unlike Ms. James, is a writer with 18 published erotic novels to her name. She is also the current president of the Romance of Writers of America.

The “Crossfire” series came out of a previous novel Day was working on, where her couples were pulled together due to a shared past. This time she decided the tables would be turned.

“This time, instead of their joint history pulling them together, I wanted to push them apart. I thought it would add conflict, and be more realistic.”

According to Day, her romantic hero Gideon Cross turned into a much darker character than Penguin’s romance would prefer.

“I wasn’t willing to change who he was,” says Sylvia Day, and decided to go the self-publishing route to keep the book the way she wanted. However, with every single publishing house looking for the next Fifty Shades of Grey, Penguin came back to Day with a tempting offer.

While some Fifty Shades fans accuse Sylvia Day as being an E.L. James rip off, Day who has experience in the erotica industry, says otherwise.

“The tortured-billionaire hero has been around for ever,” she says. Day doesn’t believe that her book is competing against E.L. James’s best-selling trilogy, “It’s not as if less people are buying her books because they’re buying mine. Less people are buying her book because they’ve already bought her book.”

So if you can’t wait for the Fifty Shades movie nor for the next installment by E.L. James, then perhaps Crossfire should be added to your reading list.