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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Dakota Johnson thinks Anastasia Steele is “kind of boring”

dakota johnson

Dakota Johnson is a lucky girl. When you are cast in the role of a lead character in a major motion picture adaptation, of an erotic novel of the same name, wouldn’t you too be considered lucky? And when you have a smoking hot co-star like Jamie Dornan for company, why would you say that playing the role of Anastasia Steele, in the Fifty Shades movie adaptation is kind of boring?

dakota with family

There are no two words that Dakota Johnson, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s daughter, has landed quite the coveted role with her playing the role of Anastasia Steele in the big screen adaptation of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, written by Erica James. But her recent comments that her character is ‘kind of boring’ might not go down too well with some of the fans of the character and the franchise.

If Dakota is to be believed then, playing Anastasia Steele required her to get into the character’s head space and before she meets the enigmatic and mysterious businessman Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, she finds her character ‘boring’. Though she agrees that playing the role of Anastasia Steele entails her to read a lot, since Ana is a college graduate and is an English major student, but this is the very aspect which makes Ana “kinda boring” too.


The actress, features in an ensemble cast which boasts of the likes of English singer and songwriter, Rita Ora and an Oscar winning actress, Marcia Gay Harden among the hot and sizzling actor Jamie Dornan, who slips into crisp shirts and suits (and out of them, too). But when it comes to the movie adaptation, it is not only the cast, but also the racy scenes which have vowed to hold the attention of the readers turned viewers.

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The actress, who was earlier, associated with projects such as “The Social Network” and “The Five Year Engagement”, in minor roles, has also said that she is enjoying her time on the sets of the movie being filmed in Vancouver. The 24 year old adds that when Ana becomes Grey’s submissive partner, life becomes somewhat interesting for her, because of the opulent gifts that Grey showers on her, which includes an Audi too!

fifty shades valentine day

The movie, which is being directed by Sam- Taylor Johnson will see a Valentine’s Day release in 2015, as it releases on the 13th of February next year and with only about a year left for the release, the cast and the crew must be busy putting the act together and when a film is as hugely anticipated as this one, no loose ends will be entertained.

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Victor Rasuk cast as Jose in 50 shades movie

Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades and Dakota Johnson

Things have not been smooth in the casting of Fifty Shades of Grey, but after Charlie Hunnam’s sudden departure from the cast, whose role of Christian Grey was filled in by Irish hottie Jamie Dornan, it looks like the ball is finally rolling where the remaining cast is concerned.

Dominican-American hunk Victor Rasuk, known for his role in the HBO series “How To Make It In America”, has been brought on board for the movie production of Fifty Shades of Grey as the part of José. His part might not be among the leading two, but he plays a central role in the plotline.

José is an amateur photographer who is close to Anastasia Steele’s, but while Ana sees him as the “brother she never had”, José clearly wants something more with the leading lady.

Now that casting is finally happening, it looks like the cameras will be rolling for the Fifty Shades of Grey movies within the next few weeks.

Other confirmed cast members include Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, with Luke Grimes playing his foster brother Elliot Grey, and Jennifer Ehle as their mother.

The movie’s has surprisingly focused on unknowns for the entire production. British screenwriter Kelly Marcel penned the screen adaptation of E.L. James’s best selling erotica trilogy, while artist and film director Sam Taylor-Johnson will be directing the movie.

Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti, who have already established themselves as serious producers after their work on The Social Network, are producing the much anticipated movie that is scheduled to hit the screens 1 August 2014, which despite all the casting issues seems to be ready for filming in the near future, so hopefully the film is on track.

For those hungry to see more from Victor, the latino star is already working hard on his filmography. He has recently appeared in “Jobs” and fans will get to see him star in “Godzila” in the near future. While he’s out there making a name for himself as an actor, one thing that’s for sure is that with Fifty Shades of Grey, he’ll be a big name to contend with in Hollywood in the near future.

There are still some casting slots to fill, which are still causing a lot of gossip, most notably the part of Elena Lincoln, where Katie Holmes is rumored to be the new favorite, but that’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

So what do you think of Victor? Is he the right choice for José?

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50 Shades Movie Shooting Delayed

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in 50 shades movie

I bring sad news in the wake of good news. The shooting of Fifty Shades movie has pushed back commencement of shooting the scenes that will bring together the storyline of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Originally shooting was to begin early November in Vancouver. It has now been confirmed that shooting will begin on December 2nd. This now leaves eight months to meet the release date of the movie.

Sam Taylor-Wood is the British director who will be working from the script adapted for the movie by Kelly Marcel, who is also British. Scenes are being planned and placed together and Sam Taylor-Wood, a relative unknown producer will have to work hard to get this movie which seems to have been dogged with a few problems lately, put together in time for the ever-looming release date of August 1st 2014.

Jamie Dornan

As news has settled down over the casting of the Irish actor, Jamie Dornan, it’s now time to get this show on the road and pull out all the stops to get this movie released to US audiences in the summer of 2014.

As the leading man is now in place again, we can look forward to December when we hope to bring you as much news as possible on how shooting is going. Jamie and his casting in the role of Christian Grey have been met with approval by the critical fans of Fifty Shades. Compared with the news that Charlie had been cast, the news has gone down well. Jamie and his Irish charm are clearly far more palatable than Charlie Hunnam. The fussy little things they are. But as the world has taken Christian and Anastasia to their hearts, then it’s hardly surprising that fans speak up with they are disgruntled.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Get your diaries out and erase the November shooting date, place it in December and let’s hope this movie begins to get started soon. Please also stay tuned for further announcements on more casting news as we bring you up-to-date news on this area. Don’t forget to add your comments on all our articles regarding your favorite movie. We look forward to receiving feedback on the news.

The troubled schedule will recover from this setback and with the gorgeous Jamie in the new role, fans have settled down and are now awaiting the pushed back filming date. We have every faith that all will be well and the powers that be at Universal will pull this off beautifully. Our new Christian Grey is sexy and smart, we love him and we are sure you do too.

Dakota Johnson

Not long, eight months and we hope there are no more setbacks for this movie that has had everything documented about it. Good luck Jamie and Dakota, we are right behind you.

Charlie Hunnam in FX’S Sons of Anarchy


On September 2nd it was announced that Charlie Hunnam would be playing Christian Grey. On September 10th the sixth season of FX’s television drama was released, Sons of Anarchy. Viewing figures for the sixth season have increased as the lead role is played by Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie plays Jackxon “Jax” Teller who at the opening of the series is the vice-president of an outlaw motor-cycle club who begins to question his role in the club and his life. Jax has a number of tattoos on his body and his arms featuring the names of his sons. He became President of the motor-cycle club as his father was the founding member.

Jax has a genetic heart disorder that his younger brother died from at the age of six. Jax has a criminal history and is a former prisoner. The character has had various brushes with the law. He divorces his wife was because she couldn’t remain clean from her drug addiction. She subsequently beats her drug addiction for a short period of time and Jax reconciles with his wife. They have a son who is born addicted to a substance. Jax leaves his wife and subsequently marries a childhood sweetheart who he has a second son with.

Jax’s father founded the original club and once his father died, Jax’s mother remarries and her second husband becomes the president of the club. On finding the original manifesto of the club written by his father, Jax begins to question the club’s handling and direction and this causes friction between him and his stepfather and divides the clubs’ members.

Throughout the series, Jax’s troubled private life is entangled with women. Prison has featured throughout many of the episodes with Jax a frequent resident of the jail system. The character has a profound goodness about him which attracts the viewers. Jax gets into trouble because he’s trying to do good and he tugs at the heart strings of the viewers with his own demons and his battles in his love life. Jax characterizes a young man who is trying to uphold his father’s club but is in constant conflict with himself over the women in his life.


The drama has attracted positive critique and Charlie’s character has been named as one of TV’s best dads. It was the birth of his son, Abel that enabled him to begin to question his life and what direction it was going in. Finding the writings of his father had such an emotional impact on him that he began to focus on his family yet somehow all the right he tried to do always landed him in trouble.

Charlie plays a fascinating character pulled apart by the women in his life, torn apart by the birth of his first son who suffered a chemically-poisoned start in his life due to his drug-addicted mother. Charlie depicts this character well and the show has been a huge success since its launch in 2008. I’ve no doubt series six will be a huge hit with Charlie now that he’s going on to play Christian Grey.