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Matt Bomer to Play Christian Grey.
















After the Katie Couric Show it was hinted by E.L James that she has four favorites to play Christian Grey. In her interview, James sat down with Katie Couric on the set of her new ABC talk show “Katie” to discuss the success of her novel the Fifty Shades trilogy as well as speculation on the casting for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. James is tight lipped on who will be casting for the roll, however there are four picks that we think , one of which will be selected to play Christian with the favorite being Matt Bomer and the others being Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder, True Blood’s Aleksander Skarsgard and Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill

Who would you vote for?

Leave us your comment and your pick on who will be casting as Christian Grey!

1- Matt Bomer

2- Ian Somerhalder

3- Aleksander Skarsgard

4- Henry Cavill
























  • Henry Cavill all the way…

  • I vote for Matt Bomer, when i was reading the book, he was the first thing i pictured in my mind. And he has that certain charm. That Christian Grey also has.

    • Indeed! He’s very charming! :-))
      Matt Bomer is the right person to cast for the role of Christian Grey!

      • I totally agree Matt is the only Christian Grey

        • Matt Bomer <3 Christian Grey…I wish the movie was out already!!!

          • matt bomer sin duda es el ,su mirada su manera de tocarse el pelo siiiii

    • matt bomer = christian grey!! 100^% please …we want matt…x

  • Matt Bomer is the one i want but my second choice would be Henry

    • I totally agree with you. The only thing I have read that would counteract the Matt Bomer thing and believe me I totally want him in the part. Is that the screen writer has been quoted as saying they don’t want someone that is gay. They want someone totally into women. I will be so upset if they don’t use him but will be ok if they choose Henry or Ian.

  • Henry Cavill, please 🙂

  • Um Ian 100%!!!!

  • matt bomer!

  • My first choice would be Henry Cavill and second Matt Bomer

  • I vote for MATT BOMER!!!
    He is such a Brilliant actor and looks the part 100%

  • Henry Cavill!

  • Matt Bomer is the only choice for Christian Grey. He looks like Christian. He has the same mannerisms as Christian, and is the only one that has the acting ability to act like the CEO, Mr. Grey. My choice for Fifty will always be Matt!

  • Matt Bomer for sure! 🙂

  • Matt Bomer 1000000000 %

  • Matt Bomer!!!!

  • Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!! He is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Bomer is perfect for Christian Grey 🙂

  • Henry Cavill! <3

  • Matt Bomer

  • Matt, definitely =) Can’t imagine anyone else as Christian as he is!

  • Matt Bomer all the way. I don’t care that he’s gay – He’s an actor. They pretend for a living!

  • MAAATTT BOOOOMMEERR – No One else could be Christian Grey. He’s the perfection in person <3

  • Matt Bomer all the way for Christian Grey!

  • matt bomer is the only


  • Matt bomer!!!!!

  • of course it’s Matt Bomer..when I was reading the book I immediately pictured him to be Christian Grey and he was, is and will be the only choice in my opinion.

  • Matt Bomer All The Way!

  • Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey!! He was made for Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!

  • Matt Bomer all the way….
    He can play the part and has the look.

  • Matt Bomer is Christian Grey!

  • Matt Bomer its all in the eyes……..

  • Only Matt Bomer 🙂 Look in his eyes, look at his body… no words!!!!!! HE IS C.G.

  • Matt Bomer! Christian Grey is a piece of cake after playing shady Ben Reade on Guiding Light. “”I played a trust fund baby, who turned to male prostitution when he lost his trust fund … because what else can you do? All my clients were cougars and then I went crazy, killed several people and committed suicide in a log cabin in front of my girlfriend after I confessed that I’d been molested in seventh grade by my female teacher.” — MB

  • I know I sound like the oddball, but I don’t see Matt Bomer at all as Christian Grey. EL James was very specific in her descriptions of him, and he always sounds more exotic and unusual. Matt Bomer is certainly attractive, and maybe I would change my opinion of him if I saw him with the longer hair like I would expect Grey to have, but I immediately thought of Henry Cavill before I saw the four choices. He can definitely play the part acting-wise. I wonder, though, if the fact he is playing Superman will detract from the casting. I think on looks, Iam Somerhalder is closest to my own idea of what Grey looks like, but I have no idea of his acting and whether he could pull off the complex character. Very curious to see all of them with steel grey contacts…..

    I just really hope the movie is kept true to the books and we will get some great casting, even if they end up being unknowns.

  • bomer IS the only one who can play christian I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYBODY ELSE

  • Matt. I can’t even picture anybody else playing CG.

  • Matt Bomer <3 I didn't know him when I read the books, but when I saw him, it was like my Christian Grey had pop out of the books, really! *-*

  • matt bomer or henry

  • MATT BOMER!! no doubt!!!!

  • Ian or Matt – both fit the part perfectly.

  • MATT BOMER he is perfect for Christian, he has the eyes, the body the looks and the attitude. PERFECT

  • Matt Bomer

  • 110% Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey….

  • Matt Bomer should be CG. He is sexy,classy,mysterious & has the same facial features as CG.

  • Matt Bomer

  • Matt Bomer is Christian!!

  • Ian Somerhalder for sure

  • BOMERsessed all the way. But if he’s not available….Henry Cavill 😉

  • Matt Bomer is the best actor for CG. He ia a great actor & has piercing eyes,the same jawline,thick hair,nice body & nice profile like CG. He also looks the most like a CEO.

  • My choice is Matt bomer all the way. He has Christian written all over him. So Matt bomer all the way!!

  • Matt Bomer is the Adonis which is described as Christian Grey. He’s got style and grace, jaw dropping beautiful with piercing eyes that hypnotise. Perfect CEO material and rocks a suit. He’s a great actor and a perfect gentleman. Matt in my opinion IS CG and if he should be cast I know you’ll have phenomenal blockbuster movie!!!!!!!

  • Matt Bomer

  • MATT!!!!! He’s the only perfect choice!!!

  • MATT BOMER. Definitely how i pictured CG. He has that seductive look to him without trying at all. Ian on the other hand, always look like he’s trying to look all seductive and sexy….I would find him annoying if he played CG. People point out out Matt is gay but have you seen his interviews?? He talks and act like a straight man! Ian, on the other hand looks too girly in a manly way….Yes, I am anti-Ian for CG. Everything about him is just wrong for the part.. LOL

  • Matt Bomer all the way !!!

  • Matt Bomer is my one and only Christian Grey!!! I will be highly disappointed if anyone else plays the part.


  • Matt Bomer!. He’s clearly the only choice that makes sense here….

    • argee

  • MATT BOMER!!!! he has the look and all the qualities to be CG ❤❤❤❤ he’s also sexy as hell in a suit, nobody wears a suit better than Matt Bomer!!!

    • You got that right!!!! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Matt Bomer all the way!!!!!!!! He has that strong, serious, appealing look and a soft romantic look at the same time which is exactly how Christian Grey is in the book! ( those who have read the book know what I’m talking about). He is absolutely perfect for this character. #1

    • I so agree with you he’s so perfect in every way…

  • MATT BOMER! I don’t even need to give a reason, just LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS PICTURE OF HIM!!!

  • MATT BOMER!!!!!! Is the one and only person to play CG…..

  • Matt bomer! is the one and only Chrsitian Grey!!…so perfect!!!…<3<3

  • From Córdoba,Spain………Matt Bomer, pleaseeee!!!!………….es el único que debería interpretarlo………he is the one!!!

  • Matt bomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s perfect!

  • Matt Bomer!!!! 🙂


  • There is only one who can play Christian Grey MATT BOMER all the way He is the ultimate Christian Grey

  • Matt Bomer is undoubtedly Christian. He’s hot, arrogant, romantic, talented…did I mention hot? After I read the first book I did a Google image search for Christian Grey. Without even really knowing who Matt was, a photo of him in a grey suit while on the phone popped up and I immediately thought, “It’s him.”

  • Matt ‘FREAKIN’ Bomer ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Skarsgard is the perfect choice for this movie people!!! <3

    • i love Alexander Skarsgard so much and i think fits perfect for the role i think everybody will love it

    • I totally agree he has the stormy look and perfect build!!

  • Matt bomer for sure, his eyes speak a lot..he looks intriguing and has the looks to kill for, I m sure he can take this character to a different level altogether … Can’t wait to watch him in 50 shades…

  • Ian Somehalder!!!! He is the best one for the role! && he is oh so sexy!!! It most defiantly has to be him! 😀 <3


  • pls vote for alexander skarsgard he fits perfect for the role

  • definitely Matt Bomer

  • Matt Bomer!

  • 1.Matt Bomer because i think he is ideal for the part of CG – He’s a really good actor and for me fit him perfectly.

  • MATT BOMER all the way!!!!!!

  • Matt Bomer for sure. He is the only one I would like to see as Christian Grey!

  • I’ve finished the trilogy and everytime I opened the book and started reading it, all I could picture for Mr. Cristian Grey is ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. Whenever I imagined the scene about the ripped jeans hanging over his sexy hips, it’s really Alexander. The way he glares, smirks and everything. Alexander fits in the role! The description, the height, the eyes, the sexiness, the dominant aura, the way he speaks, his voice. EVERYTHING! He’s perfect for the role.

    • yes super…..lets all vote

    • I couldn’t agree more!!

  • From Jakarta, Indonesia…. MATT BOMER please!! He’s so perfect for CG. He got the CEO look and charisma cuz he looks really good in suit, and he has all the characters (playful, fun, intense look, brooding eyes, etc).

    Ian on the other hand is the ultimate bad boy. He doesn’t fit the CEO type… He may look good in leather jacket, but not suit…Alexander is too old for the role. Henry Cavill is my second pick though!

  • Matt Bomer was born to play Christian!!!!!

  • Henry Cavill definitely!!!!

  • Alexander Skargard , should plat the role of Christian Grey this man as it all looks ,height, charisamatic,sexy,powerful etc.He is an amazing actor plays a fantastic role in trueblood would be just right for me fifity shades you cant go wrong with him .

    • yah they will not go wrong if they chose ALEXANDER SKARSGAD to take the lead,,,maybe the reason why most of the people who votes for MATT is that he has the teaser of the said movie,,,they should try ALEXANDER SKARSGARD to have a teaser of the fifty shades of grey uploaded in youtube so they can see the difference…ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is the best choice

  • Matt Bomer is clearly the one and only man that would pull of the role
    Of Christian! it’s the image in every woman’s head while they are reading! If someone else gets the role he will not do the film/story justice.


  • MATT!!!!

  • Matt, Matt, MATT !!!!


  • Matt Bomer all the way

  • Definately Matt Bomer..he seriously has that licious suave swagger thing going on big time…very appealing and absolutely catches the eye. He gorgeous, a very talented actor and 100% has that entrepreneur look of a CEO that owns his own company/ies. He honestly has the Christian Grey essences vibe…and I can see him acting alongside Alexia Bledel as Anastasia Steele who is a perfect match for Matt. It will be interesting to see who is cast for the CG and AS roles…I HOPE they pickup Matt Bomer for all Fifty Shades: Grey, Darker & Freed 🙂

  • There is only one choise : MATT BOMER. There is no other actor with such sex appeal and magnetic look. No doubt about. He is just perfect . Matt Bomer is Christian Grey.

  • number 3! Alexander’d be so brilliant to watch, the movie doesn’t even have to be good- just him’ll do the job ♥

  • M.A.T.T. B.O.M.B.E.R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He IS Mr. Christian Grey!!!

  • Matt Bomer! :D♥

  • Matt Bomer

  • Matt Bomer should definetely be cast as Christian Grey.

  • IAN, IAN, IAN!!!!

  • I think Tom Welling would make a good Christian Grey. Matt would be my second choice. Not any of the other choices.


  • IAN!!!!!!

  • Matt Bommer is the PERFECT Christian Grey…Ian..mmm he has got cross-eyed and no sensual to play CG

  • Mat Bomer but best of all IAN

  • MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is exactly how I imagined Christian.

  • Matt Bomer for Christian Grey!
    There could be no one else!

  • Matt Bomer as Christian Grey!!!!!! Second choice: Ian Somerhalder 🙂

  • Matt Bomer!!!!!

  • Matt Bomer

  • Matt Bomer

  • I would like Matt Bomer to play Christian Grey .he would be perfect for the part.

  • I just don’t picture Matt Bomer when I think of Christian Grey. I like Alexander Skargard because of his build, eyes, and he has a certain presence. Matt is very sexy looking but Christian is more then that.

  • ALEX was born to play this role!! He IS Christian Grey!

  • Com certeza Matt Bomer, a cara de Christian Grey…..nossa

  • MATT BOMER FTW. Perfect for the role, no flaws.

  • MATT BOMER as Christian Grey Pleaseeeee. He was HOT. Please.

  • Ian <3

  • Matt or Ian…O:)…

  • Matt or Matt or Matt.

  • MATT !!!

  • I think Matt Bomer should be CG, he has it all and is a very good actor. And second choice is Henry Cavill.
    The other two…no, don’t see them as CG. (but that’s my point of view 😉 )

  • so what if he’s gay that dosnt mean he’s a bad actor

  • Matt Bomer all the way. While reading the books he was the first image to pop into my head. He would be perfect….

  • matt bommer pleace 🙂

  • Matt Bomer all the way! I Will not watch the movie unless he’s picked !!

  • I’m definitely gonna follow in line with all of u amazing MATT BOMER fans. He IS 110% Grey!!!

  • MATT BOMBER!!!!!!

    • Matt Bomer 🙂 !!!

  • Matt Bomer! He is the perfect Christian Grey!

  • I vote for Matt Bomer

  • Matt Bomer is perfekt, please

  • It’s got to be Matt Bomer, he is perfect for Christian Grey. He’s got the looks, he has a sophistication and air about him that just screams Grey and he’s got the body too! None of the others compare to him!

So, what do you think?