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Have we found the perfect Elena?

Move over Kim Catrall, there is another lady who could compete with the role of Elena, The New Girl’s brunette hottie Carla Gugino. The actress is definitely not shy of playing dominating older women, and in fact she will play a character who bears a striking resemblance to Elena, since she will also attempt to make Max Greenfield’s character Schmidt.

Many series are drawing from the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, but the New Girl is taking the storyline in a different direction. Rather than going for the man the girl, a la Fifty Shades of Grey, they’re taking inspiration from Christian Grey’s past, making the woman the one in control.

Gugino is going to take up the role of Schmidt’s new boss, but it looks like she won’t just be telling him what to do in the workplace. It turns out her character is essentially a female version of Christian Grey and is a “complete control freak,” and makes Max’s character sign a contract not too dissimilar to the one that Anastasia Steele was presented with.

While many wonder why Schmidt wants to sign up to the painful world, even though he’s a natural submissive himself, it’s easy to see the appeal with Carla cast in the role – she’s an older lady.

Asides from being typecast, she has other credentials that make her the perfect role for Elena. She wasn’t shy about flaunting her perfect body in Sin City, played the part of a pregnant star in Elekra Luxx and also took on the role in the Watchman as a sexy superhero. It looks like Carla Gugino is no stranger to violence in the movie world, making her the perfect Mrs Robinson in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, there is one other name we shouldn’t rule out – Angelina Jolie. She’s been pretty clear she wants a part in the movie, and while the 38-year-old beauty may be too old for the part of Anastasia, she’d also make an excellent Mrs. Robinson. We have also seen Angelina play dominatrix and know that she certainly isn’t shy to taking her clothes off on screen. The same can be said for other possible choice, Kim Catrall from Sex and the City. We have plenty of intriguing actresses to pick from in the role of Elena, so the choice is going to be hard.

So, what do you think?