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5 Books To Read After 50 Shades of Grey


Christian Grey made an impression on millions of women all around the world. Each of them is craving more of a sexy control freak millionaire and his innocent girl conquest. Fan fiction begets fan fiction. Here are five more stories, either single books or series, which will satisfy the yearning for sexy, steamy reads.


  1. Bared to You (Book One of the Crossfire Series) by Sylvia Day. Gideon Cross is the brilliant billionaire and Eva the young woman caught up in their mutual desire. Both main characters have a bit of a dark past, a jealous streak and think this relationship might be the fix. The control is in the sex but not by contract, making this an emotionally charged read on many levels.
  2. Gabriel’s Inferno (Book One of the Gabriel’s Inferno Trilogy) by Sylvian Reynard. In this series, the millionaire is a professor and the student is, well, still a student, but his actual graduate student. Tortured pasts, intriguing attraction and passion abounds in this series about a man moving from his own hell to love and forgiveness.
  3. The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure. The author is otherwise known as Anne Rice. This series is considered the beginning of the erotic literature revolution and focuses completely on the dominant and submissive aspects that are a central story point in 50 Shades of Grey. A spellbinding weave of fairy tale, pain and pleasure, if 50 was just about the sex for the reader, the first book of the series, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, will not disappoint.
  4. Release Me (Book One of the Stark Trilogy) by J. Kenner. Nikki Fairchild is focused on her career and Damien Stark is focused on having Nikki. The characters are well-defined, truly work at building a relationship over a few days and the sex will have the reader wiggling uncomfortably while indulging in public.
  5. Taken (Book One of the Give & Take Series) by Kelli Maine. It has all the elements of 50 – hot millionaire, innocent girl, control and hot steamy sex. It is uniquely written in the second person viewpoint of the heroine, Rachel, about the millionaire, Merrick. Hot sex, trust issues, evolving characters and sultry settings make this a perfect add to the list.



What to read after Fifty Shades of Grey can be hard to find and even harder to put down.


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50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson


Who knew the progeny of an ambitious Working Girl and hard-nosed Miami Vice detective would someday be the innocent literary student who chases the dawn with the handsome and kinky millionaire?

Born in Austin, Texas to Academy-award nominated actress Melanie Griffith and Golden Globe-winning actor Don Johnson, Dakota is a third-generation actress (grandmother is Tippi Hedron). She began modeling while still in school and attended schools in Colorado and California. In 2006, she became the first second-generation Miss Golden Globe – an honor bestowed on the children of actors and is seen as a “coming out” display for the industry.

After graduating high school, she pursued her acting career. Her first box office hit was a role in The Social Network about how Facebook began and was an Oscar Best Picture nominee in 2010. Roles in Beastly, Theo and For Ellen followed.

2012 was a banner year with roles in Goats, The Five Year Engagement and 21 Jump Street. Her television debut as “Kate” in Ben and Kate occurred in the fall of that year, lasting one season on the Fox network. Then news of her casting as Anastasia Steele broke, and the world has been Dakota Johnson-watching ever since.

Fun facts about Dakota Johnson, aka Anastasia Steele, include:

  1. Her stepdad is Antonia Banderas, who is no stranger to some steamy movie roles himself.
  2. Her aunt Tracy Griffith was a guest star on the television series 21 Jump Street that spawned the movie remake Dakota had a role in with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.
  3. She first acted in 1999 in a movie called Crazy in Alabama with her step-sister. Her parents didn’t let her act again until after high school.
  4. She took down her Facebook profile because she didn’t like being on it.
  5. She thinks being an English major is kinda boring.

Despite being a boring English literature major, Ana has a sincere complexity and innocent heat that sets off the smoldering Mr. Grey. So far, the flames turning up on Dakota’s career with 50 Shades of Grey could set off the rest of her career.

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50 Shades of Movie Trailer Domination


If movie trailer views are any indication, “50 Shades of Grey” has the potential to be the biggest hit of 2015. In just one week, the steamy thriller based on E.L. James novel of the same name racked up an amazing 36.4 million views on YouTube.

The biggest theatrical hit of 2014 so far – “Transformers: Age of Extinction” – has the second most trailer views this year at 31.4 million so it is a good sign for “50”, the shorthand used by ardent fans. When the movie was announced, speculation ran wild on who would fill the roles of Christian Grey, the kinky millionaire and Anastasia Steele, his literary student conquest.

While the casting of Dakota Johnson made a ripple, the original casting of Charlie Hunnam made a tidal wave. When he eventually walked away from the role due to conflicting schedules, the announcement of Jamie Dornan did not soothe the waters. Fans questioned the choice and expressed their fears that the movie would not live up to the book.

While pictures from the shoot and filming have made their way into the public eye, there has been nothing released on which to judge the actors and if they really are suitable for the roles. The pictures show the actors in iconic 50 Shades scenes and nail some of the details, giving hope to the faithful that maybe they really can pull it off. That is why the trailer is such a big deal.

It matters not why the millions of viewers checked out the trailer. It could be because of “50” fever. Maybe the viewers just wanted to see how true Dakota was to Ana and Jamie into the infamous Mr. Grey. Maybe some tuned in to heckle the hype. Whatever the case may be, it will turn into 50 shades of wonderful next February.

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Valentine’s Day 2015 is looming closer

After 50 Shades of Grey were deprived of its male lead in last year’s swift withdrawal of Charlie, Hunnan and the “will this movie every be aired” never-ending question, we now understand the movie is well and truly kicking off.

We are going to look at the casting of each character. Despite the anticipated wait for the cast and the eventual movie, let us take a look in detail at the cast of 50 Shades of Grey.

Rita Ora plays Mia Grey.


Rita Ora plays the part of Mia Grey, who is Christian’s sister. Like all of the Grey children, Mia is adopted. Mia is a bubbly, lively character who adores her brothers Eliot and Christian. She gets on well with Anastasia, the female protagonist in the movie.

In the book, Mia is described as a talented cellist and fluent in French. Mia studied cooking in Paris and against the wishes of her parents, at the age of twelve years old, refused to study Martial Arts.

Mia is kidnapped and held for a ransom of $5million. Jack Hyde is the baddie in the book and his accomplice, Elizabeth Morgan plot the kidnapping of Mia. By drugging Mia, Elizabeth does not expect Anastasia foil the kidnapping. Anastasia is injured in the process and Mia is supportive of Anastasia as Christian rails at her for putting her safety at risk. Ethan Kavanagh is the love interest of Mia. He is the brother of Kate, Anastasia’s best friend. Initially, Ethan is not interested in Mia believing her to be a spoilt brat who is rich but this soon changes when when he meets Mia. Love soon blossoms between the pair.

The character of Mia is twenty-two years old. She is described as raven-haired styled into a sleek bob. She is tall, elegant and attractive.

Rita Ora is a British singer and songwriter who has achieved four number ones in the United Kingdom. Her parents are Albanian. She has branched out into the acting arena and it was announced this year, she was to be cast as Mia Grey in the 50 Shades movie.

It is an interesting casting of Rita. She is blonde, Mia is dark-haired in the book. Rita Ora is a talented young woman and we can imagine she will delight as the enigmatic Mia Grey. Rita has also been a judge on the talent show, X-Factor in Britain. This young woman has oodles of talent to offer and as we excitedly for news from Canada of filming gossip, we think Rita is an excellent choice for the role of Mia. Rita is the face of Roberto Cavalli  and other endorsements include Adidas and the Material Collection designed by Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes.

When will it ever end….???

The never-ending surprises of the casting of this movie continue to roll out. We will be looking at other castings and bring you gossip from Canada about the starts of the movie.

It is hotting up, 50 Shades of Grey and as we have a release date that has already been pushed back from 2014, we will be keeping an eye on things so that we are able to hope February 13 2015 draws the crowds to the premiere.